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A lingering question that I am sure is about to explode in the eyes of all the critics and non believers of the Stop Kony Campaign. Now what do you do? Today I found myself saying the same thing.

Sweet, watched the video, signed the pledge, donated to the cause, and got some Stop Kony Swag. Now what?

Well here are three things that I think we need to do:

1. Don’t stop the movement, it will die down some, believe me it will. But our jobs is to keep the fire going when it starts to smolder until April 20th, when we cover the night.

2. Be respectful, don’t beat people up about it. Some times our passion overrides the actual cause and will turn people off to the movement. Can’t make everyone happy you know?

3. Be in prayer, as Christians we are called to help others in need. Although, we might not be able to fly to Africa and find Kony ourselves or donate some serious cash to fund Anti-Kony raids. We can pray though, that God will help us fight against injustice and help free all those who are oppressed by Kony and his army.

I see why many people are against the movement, but honestly who else and what other non-profit has done something like this and has had a large enough impact to crash websites, have over 10 million views in less than 72 hours, and create a flood of Stop Kony articles??? None.




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