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Social Media continues to mold and transform how we intake information. 140 Characters, Memes, Video Clips, the different channels that media is given to us is consumed so fast, but I don’t think we hold onto it as much as we think we do. 

I find that many are ingesting these tweets, Facebook posts, and videos so rapidly that I am not aren’t holding onto what I just read or watched for more than a day or in some cases even an hour. Continually I find myself retweeting some accounts and having to go back and really dissect what I just retweeted. I don’t feel that I am alone on this either. 

Being on Social Media is a must by now if you are a business. The playing field is more even than ever. If a grumpy cat account @GrumpyyCat can have almost 1 million followers, then I am certain that a business account can reach their specific demographic and customer base and gain a significant following. Am I suggesting you build a business account and start posting? No. Below I highlight 3 basics that I think will help you make your account successful. 

1. Voice. 

You need to have a voice for your account, many people still don’t understand what this means. Your social media posts shouldn’t be like blog titles. They need to be  conversational, constantly interacting with followers and staying on top of the TT (Trending Topics). @TacoBell is a very good example of an account with a voice. 

2. Quality not Quantity. 

Yes, I am guilty of this, just as much as you are. We all are wanting TONS of followers. I have taken a different perspective on a lot of things this year with the mentality that I want to focus more on the quality of things and not the quantity. I think if businesses focus on developing relationships with their followers  the organic growth will happen on it’s own. @BrianPruett is a good example of this, I have watched his account go from 1,000 followers to over 70k. He constantly interactions with people, and his posts have meaning. Businesses need to invest and nurture their followers and eventually they will turn into advocates. <Biblical Reference> Jesus only had 12 followers in the beginning. Just saying. :) 

3. Be Constant not Over Bearing. 

Again, I am guilty of this. I think posting 30-50 times a day helps you. Well not so much, you need to understand when your demographic is online, @SproutSocial is an amazing tool for businesses to use to track and see the best times to post their material. You want your posts to go viral, so post them when the most people are online. Make sense? You don’t have to post 100 times a day for you to get noticed. I like to see businesses post at least 10 times a day, they don’t all have to be unique posts, you can reword things and post at different times and still be successful. A lot of the major news publications do this.  

As a millennial I think there is going to be a huge shift in how social media will play a role in business. I really believe that the most successful accounts will be the ones who are investing in their followers, building meaningful relationships, and developing a unique voice. In a time and a society where many relationships can be summed up in a 140 characters or less I don’t think it will be enough to stay successful that way. We need to concentrate on really understanding the person, follower, customer, whomever and really striving to fulfill their need. Just some thoughts.  

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