Non-Profits I Support

Listed below are some of the non-profits that I support. I believe that with working together two minds will always be greater than one. I do support these companies, they are all working for a greater purpose and believe they can make an impact in the world and I will continue to support them 100%.

Hive Houston a living work of art, a self-sustaining village and an environmental action

The HIVE MISSION is to design and build an affordable, inhabitable work of art as a community. By redeveloping an open inner city property and up-cycling the humble and strong steel shipping container, we propose to create a sustainable village for thriving cultural exchange and enterprise. Inspired by artists, creative professionals, and environmentalists, we will work in partnerships with individuals and organizations to experiment and discover the next generation of responsible building and living practices. We plan to offer an increasing variety of tenant uses, including office, studio, retail, restaurant, entertainment, and residential opportunities. We hope to replicate or adapt HIVE in other locations around the world. HIVE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Founded in 1995, the Houston Metropolitan Dance Center grew out of the ashes of the Delia Stewart Dance Center. The studio, at 1202 Calumet, has been rented continuously for the last 20 years as the current home of the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company and the former home of the Delia Stewart Dance Company. Michelle Smith has been in the building the entire time, first as the studio and company manager of the Delia Stewart Dance Company and currently as the Executive Director of the Houston Metropolitan Dance Center.

The Center is the home of the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company, The Houston Met Too Youth Training Company and The Houston Metropolitan Dance School. It has also housed One True Voice Studios, Heartmoves, The Steven Boyd Dance Ensemble, Uptown Dance Production, Psophonia, Hope Stone, Dominic Walsh Dance Theater, Chrysalis Dance Company, Dance Ad Deum and many other companies and dance organizations. The Houston Metropolitan Dance Center teaches classes for ages 3 – 12, teens and adults in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and hip hop with over 300 students per week walking through the front doors.

The Educational Outreach Program “Swing, Jive, Pop” reaches thousands of children each year with in-school performances and field trip events. The Houston Met Too is a youth training program created out of the growth of the studio and a need to produce our own dancers in the Houston Met style. The company currently has 13 members ranging in age from 13 – 18 and performs its own concert at the Wortham Center/Cullen Theater each year, plus Curtain Warmers for the SPA and many community performances.

We need you! Our future is bright with plans for a new building, a strong company and an expanding school. If you would like to help, click here to learn more.

GENEVE SKYE: philanthropic entertainment, our name and our pFILMS (philanthropy +FILMS) ™ brand declares to the public that we marry the needs of humanitarian aid organizations and social entrepreneurs with the overwhelming profitability available through the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry. We embrace a commitment to profit-generation and fiscal responsibility as a means to maximize our charitable aim. We are also dedicated to cultivating the full benefit of the talent and resources available to us because of our philanthropic focus.

Presently, many celebrities and philanthropists are giving generously and expressing intense interest for leveraging their impact to help communities in need. We have a strategic understanding of how these contributions can be maximized for greater impact by coupling them with free market capitalism and the revenue generated by everyday Americans through their entertainment purchases: movie tickets, DVDs, downloads, etc.

Our strategic decision for operating as an executive production and distribution company allows us to closely partner with award-winning film directors and producers to execute the creative and technical aspects of pre-production, production and post-production. It also positions our executive team to provide oversight and direction throughout the full scope of a project. From concept through revenue generation, this allows our embraced Fiduciary Production Model™ to be maintained throughout all phases of the pFILMS™ lifetime.

GENEVE SKYE is an altruistic entrepreneurial and humanitarian enterprise operating in hybrid capacity with independent non-profit affiliate The pFILM Campaign (philanthropy +FILMS). ™

  Serve One Ministries began like most great movements do- People seeing a need, then meeting that need. Several years ago, Scott and Staci Huggins, while on a vacation with family in a small beach community in Costa Rica encountered more than just the sun, surf and sand. They encountered people in need. People that needed the leadership of someone or some organization to come along side them and partner with them in community and spiritual development.  It was on that trip that the Huggins’ found their lives profoundly transformed by God calling them into service, inspiring them to seek out a way to provide life change to others, in both North America and Costa Rica, the vision for Serve One Ministries was birthed.

Serve One exists to provide the people of churches, communities, and families a bridge to people in need, a way to answer the calling to serve and to give and to make a difference in God’s kingdom.

“But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.”  James 1:22

As Scott and Staci began to share this vision, a number of people and organizations surfaced who felt such a calling and were looking for a way to fulfill it. With these people, they began to wonder what might happen if a new concept of missions was presented, one with a very clear and innovative direction that was captivating enough to capture thousands of people. Check out more about Serve One Ministries.

Houston Children’s Charity is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Greater Houston’s underprivileged, abused and disabled children who have been otherwise left behind. The scope of our support is limited only by the availability of resources. Our goal is to leave no legitimate request for assistance unanswered.

Houston Children’s Charity seeks an ever-broadening base of support, dedicated sponsors and committed volunteers to expand its ability to help children. There are numerous avenues of participation available for any individual or corporation willing to provide resources to assist children. HCC measures success by the number of children’s lives that are touched, and that is dependent upon how many of you, as individuals or companies, are willing to give of your resources, talents and time.

3 thoughts on “Non-Profits I Support”

  1. Thanks for the support, Braxton. YOU ARE AWESOME!

  2. You’re welcome Heidi! I am so blessed to have met you! I am so glad I can support HIVE!

  3. Dude, what about Serve One Ministries? C’mon now.

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